Unlock the value of your organization’s data with the AveHealth Data Management Platform

Unlock Healthcare Data

The Healthcare DMP that accelerates digital transformation

We follow a data product approach that enable your analytics team to build solutions by leveraging standardized Data Products and making use of scalable, reusable frameworks on a modern data platform which reduces data engineering work, simplifies the enterprise data architecture and decreases the time it takes to realize value from data use cases. 

AveHealth DMP

Integrated data exchange across Health Systems

The DMP’s robust connectors and integration capabilities allow disparate information systems from multiple health systems to be well integrated in a single platform.

Source of Truth

Eliminate data silos including issues related to inconsistent data, duplication, poor analytics and reduced efficiency that often leads to inconclusive decision making.

From point-to-point connection to decoupled

The DMP can be the interface layer between your organization’s core data and the end applications. This eliminates the need for multiple vendors having to connect to the operational systems individually, reducing implementation costs and having impact on operational system performance. 

Data Agility

Real-time and near-real-time data is made available via the DMP, enabling strategic digital transformation initiatives such as care coordination, patient engagement, workflow automation to be carried out without the challenges of managing disparate data systems.

Unified Data Analytics, Governance & Compliance

IT, Analytics and Business Teams face massive challenges when it comes to post merger data and process integration, often involving the need to migrate key solutions to a single solution.

The DMP can significantly reduce costs as the data products will enable interoperability and can be leveraged by multiple business teams for unified insights without having to migrate existing solutions to a common vendor.

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Data Product Approach Graph
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